Instagram adds buy comments

This is a non-stop, but how I like to write about my favorite social network! Of course, we have 3 new features on Instagram:

You can now “like” the comments you receive in your posts,

a very useful functionality as an option to respond. Sometimes responding to a comment with an emoji from a stranger with another emoji is perhaps repetitive, responding with a like just by giving the heart icon next to the comment will be great for those occasions, or a great time saver if you’re almost influencer with thousands of comments … Ah! And these likes also come as notifications.

You can now deactivate and / or filter offensive buy comments,

something that until now was only available for special accounts, now it can be done in individual accounts, you can even filter comments with offensive keywords to prevent them from being published.

How to disable comments on Instagram?

Enter Advanced settings before posting and then select “Disable comments.” To reactivate it you just have to click on the three dots … and activate the comments.

How to filter offensive comments?

Enter Advanced Settings – Comments – Hide inappropriate comments and add custom keywords separated by commas. Comments that contain any of these words will be hidden and will not be seen. This option is also available in professional accounts.

You can now delete followers in private accounts,

a functionality that until now could only be done by blocking the user. If you have a private account and have accepted someone who no longer wants you to see your timeline, you can now go to the list of all your followers and click on the three dots “…” next to the person’s name and delete it. In what cases can it be interesting? An ex? an enemy? a competitor? hahaha Tranquil @, you will not receive a message from «You have been removed from the account of ..» but will stop seeing your photos, and if it is ready at the end.

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